14This is me

I’m all about the light- spreading it, igniting it, marinating in it and allowing it to show me the way through this little thing called life. My idea of holism includes Mountain Valley spring water, justified four letter words, yoga (lots of it), an occasional beer, energizing my crystals under the moonlight and sun gazing. Balance anyone? I rub my feet together when I’m comfy and rub my ear when I’m in deep thought. I could never live too far from the ocean air and get an itch to travel often. I wish I read more than I already do and would love to paint more than I already have.

My greatest creation is my son Trent. He lights me up and sometimes I wonder who is here to teach who. My greatest accomplishment was completing Nursing school and my greatest joy is guiding others though their yoga practice.

Little history lesson, I took yoga senior year of high school in 2004 seeking an easy A but jokes on me because I was obviously seeking so much more outta life and yoga helped me find it. It started out as a work-out and developed into a work-in. Guiding me though the challenges of life while opening my eyes to the intricate workings of my internal universe. Yoga is about finding the comfort when faced with discomfort. Facing fears by folding into them. Being patient with yourself as you create space. Trusting the process of things even when it seems suuuuper F’ed up. Checking yoself (ego) before you wreck yoself. Discovering your strengths and rocking them! This is my goal for you and your practice as your yoga instructor.

My website will keep you posted on my permanent schedule as well as events and retreats, different products that I wholeheartedly believe in and ultimately, a place for you to grab what you need for your journey.

I hope to guide you soon!


Sending love from here to there,



Registered Nurse

Graduated from Nova Southeastern University with my Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing in 2011.


Registered with Yoga Alliance


Miscellaneous Certifications

Received following certifications in 2013 through the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing:

Mind/Body Therapies

Clinical Hypnosis

Music Therapy